Sunday, August 12, 2018

Morgana X

Morgana X #1 September 1991
$2.25 U.S. $3.00 Canada
Cat's Paw Comics New Milford, CT
Artwork and Story by Allen Freeman 
and Quinton Hoover

What a cover! A hover car! Chicks with guns! Airbrushed color! Are you kidding me? This is already better than anything on the stands today! Let's begin!

Our adventure unfolds with a man running through a dark alley, fleeing for his life from an as yet unseen predator. Suddenly he trips on a glass bottle and lands in a mound of cardboard boxes! Here he decides to hide for a moment and rest (and fondle himself, apparently).

Elsewhere, a dimly lit office on Sarot, the business planet where Kollor (it's self proclaimed ruler) informs the room that he has just hired Morgana X to apprehend Dekmar's minister of defense!

Dekmar ( for those of you who don't already  know) is the neighboring planet who has long been at war with Sarot. Kollor wants to expand his evil empire from Sarot and take over Dekmar as well! 

His cohorts are less than pleased, Morgana having recently foiled their plans to poison the food supply on Dekmar!
 Kollor explains that though true that Morgana has at times been a thorn in their side, she always gets the job done for whoever is paying her. She's the best!

Back in that dark alley, Morgana blasts the pile of boxes away to reveal Defense Minister Max's hiding spot.  I'm betting he's toast!

Back on Sarot, Kollor makes a call to some freaky alien criminals. They hate Morgana for having imprisoned them numerous times and are delighted when Kollor tells them exactly where they can find her. Oh no, our hero's been doublecrossed!

We see that defense minister Max is still alive and being stowed like so much cargo into Morgana's Air Vette by her sexy cohorts. It's always good to have sexy cohorts. 

Just as they blast off an alarm sounds. It's those freaky aliens...and they're trying to kill Morgana and the other sexy ladies! Hot dang, we've got ourselves a comic book!

Morgana outmaneuvers the attackers and escapes death this day! 

Kollor is informed of Morgana's escape and let's just say he isn't happy about it!

The sexy bounty hunters arrive at Dekmar where they have a secret base of operations in the desolate city.

Realizing she probably isn't going to get paid for this bounty, Morgana frees her prisoner and invites him to dine with her. 

Sexy bounty hunter ladies on the run from evil aliens...I think this is the best comic book I've ever read.

The story was kind of basic but it flowed really well and had a good pace. The art was solid as a rock too. Great work Allen and Quinton!

There is also a bonus Morgana backup story to add to the action...what a comic!

I liked the tough and smart way our main character is presented in this book. She reminds me of one of my favorite action heroes in film, Ripley from the Alien series. So, here is my depiction of Morgana X!

Looks like there was only one issue of this  series but there were a couple other one shots published years later by Knight Press and Humanoids. Look for 'em, I know I will!

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